1. Purpose

  • These general terms and conditions of contract regulate all contractual relations between the translator and the client. These terms and conditions are valid unless otherwise expressly agreed or unless legally unavailable.
  • The client’s general terms and conditions of contract are only binding on the translator if expressly accepted by him/her.

2. Carrying out the translation

The translation will be carried out in accordance with the duly applicable principles relating to the exercise of the profession. The client will receive the translation contractually agreed to.

3. General collaboration and clarification obligations on the part of the client

  • The client must inform the translator, in advance, of the required format for the translation (such as its provision in electronic format, the number of copies, if the translation must be prepared for print, the translation format, etc.). If the translation is to be published, the client must provide the translator with a copy of the correction in advance.
  • The client must provide the translator with the documents needed to carry out the translation (glossaries belonging to the client, drawings, tables, abbreviations, etc.) in advance.
  • Any damages caused as a result of a breach of these obligations will not be the responsibility of the translator.
  • The client is responsible for rights relating to the text and will guarantee that it can be translated. The client exonerates the translator of any claims from third parties.

4. Correction of errors

The translator has the right to correct any error. The client has the right to request the translator to correct any errors contained in the translation. The client must exercise his rights to claim the correction of the error by indicating exactly what the error is. The claim must be made immediately, and at the latest, within two weeks of delivery of the translation. Otherwise the translation will be considered to be correct. 

5. Responsibility

The translator alone is responsible for the damages caused due to gross negligence and fraud. Minor negligence occurs only when the essential contractual obligations are breached.

6. Confidentiality

The translator promises to keep all information provided by the client related to its activity confidential.

7. Third party participation

  • The translator reserves the right to contract employees and specialised third parties to be able to carry out the order.
  • The contracted specialised third parties promise to maintain confidentiality in the framework of the written confidentiality declarations in accordance with point 6.

8. Conditions of payment

  • Payment shall be made within 14 days of the issue of the invoice and will be paid without discount.
  • All prices are net and are subject to VAT at its applicable rate.
  • Other than the agreed fee, the translator reserves the right to charge for expenses incurred and agreed with the client. In all cases, whenever legally applicable, VAT will be charged in addition. Should projects be of a considerable volume, the translator reserves the right to request a suitable part payment in advance. The translator can agree with the client that the translation be delivered upon complete payment of the agreed fee. Such an agreement must be in writing and in advance.
  • If no fee has been agreed, the remuneration will be calculated based on the kind and difficulty of the text.

9. Reservation of Property and intellectual property rights

  • The translation belongs to the translator until payment has been made. Until that moment the client does not have the right to use the translation.
  • The translator reserves his/her rights to intellectual property protection.

10. Contract termination

If the client terminates a granted order, the expenses incurred will have to be reimbursed, as will the work and time theretofore invested. In such a case, the total compensation of the costs will reach at least 50% of the total order value. If the client so wishes, the translation carried out up to that point will be provided.

11. Applicable law and venue

  • The law of the United Kingdom will be applicable to the order as well as to any kind of claim deriving from the same.
  • The venue is London.

12. Final provisions

The validity of these terms and conditions of contract is not affected by the cancellation nor invalidity of certain stipulations.

13. Additional stipulations

Any modification or increase of these general terms and conditions of contract must be agreed in writing to be valid. This also applies in relation to the modification of the requirement to agree formalities in writing.