In González Translations we like to treat our clients with the speed and attention they deserve. Hereafter we provide you with a rundown of some of the advice that could help speed up the translation process and achieve the desired results:

  • Target group.
    Who is the translation addressed to? Technicians, jurists, the public at large...
  • Linguistic variant.
    Which country is the translation addressed to? What variant of Spanish or English should the translation be in? Castilian, Mexican, Argentinean, British English, American English...
  • Format.
    What format is the text you want translating in? If, for example, you send us a Word format document, the translation can be dealt with and finished a lot quicker than if you send us a PDF document.
  • Reference material.
    Do you have reference materials or descriptions of the machines referred to in the translation? Any information you are able to provide us with to help us understand the content of the translation is a great help.
  • Terminology.
    Is there specific terminology we should take into account? Do you have a glossary of specialised terms?
  • Style.
    Should a style proper to your company be used in the translation? Don’t hesitate to send us old translations or material in the language concerned.
  • Interlocutors.
    Who can we contact if we have any questions relating to the content of the translation?